Eagle Biker Slave Bracelet Ring, signed G&S 87, Harley Davidson Themed, Size 7, 6.25",

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Vintage Silver Eagle Slave Bracelet & Ring, with chain.  Harley Davidson themed/biker.   Size 7 ring and bracelet is 5" inside measurement with 1.25" opening.  Meant for a slender wrist.   It is signed G & S 87. It tests as silver on the bracelet and ring (not the chain that is attached) - weight of the bracelet and ring is appx. 25gr.  This is the older style G & S slave bracelet.  Made in 1987 - the company was sold thereafter.  It does have silver patina - I do not polish this as buyers often want silver as is. Eagle themed looks very Harley Davidson/biker.  The top/face of the bracelet is appx. 3/4" to 7/8".  The ring is is as tall as the bracelet.   I've seen others by G & S some are marked sterling - this tests as silver but I'm not sure if it is truly sterling or plated or just like .800 silver.  There is no magnetic reaction to the bracelet or ring with a rare earth magnet.  The chain is not sterling and is magnetic reactive.  G&S made jewelry such as this using the lost was casting method.  G & S is for Barbara Seidenath and Lydia Gastroph from Munich, Germany.  Good condition.  See photos.  Lot Loc. W.4.2118.G2.1X1 - LD 8/21/18)


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