10kt Enameled Eastern Star Ring, Octagonal Size 7, 2.78 gr., Mid-Century

$ 229.99

Vintage 10kt Enameled Eastern Star Ring, Octagonal Size 7, 2.78 gr., Mid-Century.  This is appx. 11.5mm across the top center of the ring and has a stepped upper shank to the bank which then tapers down to 2mm at the back of the finger.  It is not signed by the maker.  It is marked 10kt and tested. This is believed to be from the 1940's-1960's given the other pieces obtained at the estate sale.  This is weighed on a jeweler's digital scale and measured with digital calipers - both can vary from scale to scale and caliper to caliper.  I do calibrate the scale routinely.  This is not being sold as scrap by weight but by the value of the piece as jewelry.  The value of the piece is valued higher than scrap and therefore weight is not the only factor to consider when purchasing this piece.  This is in good condition in wear but it does have wear on the enameled areas   This came from a PA auction.   See photos. .  (Lot. Loc. W.5.419.G.6X7).  LD 5/25/19). 

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