Vintage 10kt Amethyst Halo Ring, Multi-Stone, Appx. 2.5 TCW, Size 9, 3.85gr.

$ 379.99

Vintage 10kt Amethyst Halo Ring, 15 total stones and over 2.5tcw.  The ring is a size 9.  It is marked 10kt and tested and signed THL, which could be the maker or could be Thailand.  The ring is a size 9.  The top of the ring measures 15.6mm by 13mm - the main stone is appx. 9.8mm by 7.5mm and there are four larger stones - two on each end that are just about 3mm - the remaining stones, five on each side are graduated from 1.2mm up to 1.7mm.  Age is post-mid century but it has an older look to it - like the end of the Victorian Era themed.  Amethyst is one of the most easiest stones to grow in a lab and they are quartz and usually the real stones and created are pretty inclusion-free making it hard to tell the difference from lab-created from natural and that in essence as driven down the price of amethysts.  Created stones are not glass, they are grown with the exact properties as natural topaz.  They are not glass but a gemstone with the same chemical make-up as a natural stone.  Using lab created stones make jewelry more affordable as the created stones are not as expensive as the natural stone but have all the qualities of one.  To tell the difference in natural versus created is very difficult and takes very expensive equipment - similar to equipment that GIA Institute has - and when fine jewelry stores say "real" amethyst it can still be created.  The word natural is what you need to see.  I do not own that many thousands of dollar equipment to tell the difference - you can tell in many stones if it is natural versus created as there will often be a tell within the stone but not so with amethysts unless you get fortunate and find a stone with inclusions, etc.  So, when I sell amethyst I always say to could it as lab created.  I can test it to tell it is not glass and that it is an amethyst by its properties and make-up and this is such a stone.   This came from a PA estate. Good condition to - no damage that I could see - very nice ring.  See photos. (Lot. Loc. W.5.419.18X7 - LD 5/8/19).


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