18kt White Gold Art Deco Diamond Ring Engagement Ring, 9 diamonds, size 7, Long, 3.38 grams, .50 ctw plus

$ 825.00

Vintage Jewelry:   Art Deco 7/8" long 9 diamond Ring.  Size 7, 3.38 grams.  This is a beauty and a mystery.  If it is true art deco, it would date back to the 1920's, early 1930.  It has the look and some of the diamonds are old mine cut, but some are not.  I am guessing there were lost stones that were replaced - still a beauty.  I will explain further.  This ring is about 7/8" and 1/2" wide.  There is a larger center stone that is approximately  3mm across and about 2.5" deep making it appx. .14 ctw.  The two other stones in the center are about 2.5mm across and guessing depth is about 2mm.  Then there are 6 more stones running between 2.2mm and 2.5mm and also guessing depth of 2mm adding about .07 ctw for each for a total of .42 approximate ctw.  This pushes the total ctw over a half a carat.   The ring has bridge-work type sides which raises it up on the finger slightly.    It is hard to do an accurate read when stones are in the setting.  This makes it hard to be precise on size, color, and clarity.  The stones when matching against a diamond grading set do appear to be an H or relatively close to that.  Clarity is not the highest grade but to my eye appears to be in the minimally SI or slightly higher category.  The mystery comes in in, is this true art deco or retro deco.  It has the look and better quality face of true vintage - it's sturdier than the easily bent retro models put out by discount jewelers, etc.  For me the mystery is the mounting of the stones with the open back and also the stamp on the bad - it looks a little more modern.  It is marked with what looks like a series of stripes set on the side near the 18kt marking which also to me has a deeper depth than the older pieces but honestly, I'm not certain. The content of both old mine stones and the more modern cut diamonds also throws it off as though they were all old mine and then replaced with more modern when repaired.  One prong is damaged on one of the center stones.  I am pricing this in mind without the repair but will get it repaired at the buyer's cost if desired which should be an additonal $20-$25.00 based on how my repair person charges me.

I found this beauty at a Pennsylvania estate auction. 


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Lot Loc. No. Win.5.1615.1C8X7.BON

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