Vintage Sterling Floral Amethyst Lavalier Necklace, 21.5" - 116 grams. 1980's rare and Unique Floral Necklace

$ 695.00

Vintage Sterling Floral Amethyst Lavalier Necklace, 21.5" - 116 grams. 1980's rare and Unique Floral Necklace - Southwestern appeal as well as just appreciating jewelry art. This has three sections - a teardrop center pendant with a large amethyst teardrop or pear stone that is 25mm by 17mm and very deep for an appx. carat weight of 25 carats plus. The pendant is 2.5" long and 1.5" wide with leaves, blossoms, silver bead work and scrolls . The amethyst sits high and has a bezel around it. There are two jump rings/bails on top where a similar designed winged shape piece sits above the pendant on each side. It is 3.25" long and just under 1.5" wide with the smae matching leaves, beads, blossoms and scrlls. Some of the leaves are arranged around the other edge on all of the pieces and look more like wings as they are in pairs with beading between then. Stacked design with lots of silver artwork to look at. The chain is a rectangular link that is appx. wide with a hook clasp. This is marked sterling and has an 89 above that to the right which I believe is the year. There is a copyright circle and to the left another mark but unfortunately the undercarriage support scrolls hide the mark of the maker. Can't say enough about this beauty - one-of-a-kind. Very good. condition and as much jewelry as it is a piece of art. (W5722.25X7 SS7160 J MV LD 5/13/22).

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