Vintage 1800's Victorian Woven Hair Mourning Brooch, 14kt Gold and 10kt White G.F.

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Vintage 1800's Victorian  Woven Hair Mourning Brooch.  This is oval with a curved angle frame and a center raised oval with a clear top under which is a 1.25" long and 2/3" woven dark brown hair memorial.  The back is enclosed.  The frame and back are testing as 14kt gold - it is a thin gold - the sides to the frame are sturdy and stiff - the back appears to be thinner and you can press on it.  Weight is 6.44.  The overall brooch size is slightly over 1.5" long and 1" wide.  It sits up about 10mm from the undercarriage to the top. 

The clear cover is lightweight glass, not a thick layer, bezel set and clear with only very, very minimal wear.  The pinback is true Victorian with the  bar hinge and C clasp and a pin that extends beyond the brooch by about 1/4".  The hinged part of the brooch is mounted on a brassy gold piece that is set over the back to the brooch. It is not sure of all parts on the pinback are original however the work done was done with period pieces if it was changed - or, this is just how it was made from its origin.  

The back and edge of frame were tested at 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt - and tested positive at 14kt and under.  I left the test area sit 15 minutes and it did not react.  My believe is that it is in fact gold and not gold filled however it could be a very good gold filled.  Either way, pricing is priced taking that into consideration and not the in high $300.00 to $600.00 range of similar brooches.  The pinback and C clasp are a heavy white gold color.  It did not test as sterling but did as 10kt but eventually did react so I am assuming that is gold filled.  The yellow gold does have a patina - almost looks like a coating over much of the gold - it is either a coating or patina and from what I have read, back in the day when this piece was made, the alloys for 14kt gold could have had more tin or other metals that to promote patina forming that you do not see in modern gold that is adhered to for proper alloys.  This is a great true old victorian brooch.


This was a remarkable find in a PA estate sale.  I'd call it very good condition given the age being well over 120 years.  See photos. (Lot Loc. Win.10.116.G3X5)

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